Penn Yan Press’ Newest Title

When West Scranton High School student Paul Robeson was in school, he wrote notes in his little shirt pocket calendar books.

Robeson, now living in Palo Cedro, California, began his journal note taking in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1953.  He continued for 50 years, eventually copying the notebooks of daily events into longhand in larger notebooks which he transcribed the notes into digital files.

After retirement as a newspaper reporter and photographer, Robeson decided to take his journal notes and share the years from 1953 through 1963 with his family and friends in the form of a book titled WE WERE WISE FOOLS.  The book can be purchased from Penn Yan Press.

“It is a boring account of daily life, by today’s standards, of what life was like growing up in Scranton in the 1950s, serving on the USS INTREPID aircraft carrier, and going to school at Kutztown State College,” says Robeson.

But, “it was fun,” he said, “looking up old classmates and shipmates on the Internet” in order to use their real names for the book.  He added that a few of the people in the story “could not be found or had passed away.”

“What a tool the Internet is,” he said.

Old photographs were used and credit was given for their source as he compiled and designed the project.  His printed account of those times is now available and can be ordered here, and will soon be available for downloaded eBook formats.  For more information contact:

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